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Tulsidas (1532–1623) was a great Indian poet and philosopher. Tulsidas is the author of ‘Ramcharitmanas‘, one of the greatest epics ever written. Tulsidas ji’s full name was Goswami Tulsidas and he was born in 1532 AD in Rajapur district Banda, Uttar Pradesh, India during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Tulsidas Wiki

Full NameGoswami Tulsidas
Occupationpoet and philosopher
Date of Birth1532 AD
Place of BirthRajapur district Banda, Uttar Pradesh
Father NameAtmaram Dubey
Mother NameHulsi Dubey

Education and Childhood

Tulsidas was a Saryupareen Brahmin by birth and is considered to be an incarnation of the Valmiki sage, who composed Ramayana in Sanskrit. He was the son of Atmaram Shukla Dubey and Hulasi and in his childhood he was known as Tulsiram. Although Tulsidas’s childhood was spent in poverty and suffering. He was a true follower of Lord Rama and received education from his mentor, Narahari – Das in the Shukra-Kshetra.


Tulsidas was married to Budhimati (also known as Ratnavali) and also had a son named Tarak.

His feelings were completely related to his wife, as a story related to him, he loved his wife so much that he moved to near his in-laws’ (wife’s maternal house) house, though when it When his wife came to know about this, Ratnavali disdained her love and said that love should be loved by Lord Rama as much as you love me, on hearing this, he immediately left the fascination and started living an ascetic.

For the next few years, Tulsidas traveled all over India, visiting many pilgrimage centers, searching for Lord Rama and turning his mind towards spirituality. Then Tulsidas ji stayed in Ayodhya, and this was the place where he saw Lord Rama, who inspired him to compose the Ramayana in Awadhi language, which was the common language spoken by the people at that time.


Tulsidas ji started his writing work from 1574, and wrote many literary works, though his greatest work is an epic called ‘Ramcharitmanas’ (Description of Rama’s work), it contains beautiful poems, which are known as ‘Chaupai’ It is known that these poems are dedicated only to Lord Rama. He emphasized the path of attaining salvation by dedicating himself to God. Some other great literary works composed by Tulsidas include Dohavali, Kavitavali, Geetavali, Krishnavali, Vinayapatrika and The highly revered poem praised by Dev Hanuman includes Hanuman Chalisa. His short compositions include Vairagya Sandipani, Barwai Ramayana, Janaki Mangal, Ramlala Nahchhu, Parvati Mangal and Sankat Mochan.


The works of Goswami Tulsidas were praised by the Mughal rulers Akbar and Jahangir. In 1623, Tulsidas ji, at the age of 91, Died in the holy city of Benaras. Even today, Tulsidas’s writings reflect his deep devotion and integration of philosophical ideologies, making him one of the greatest Hindi poets to compose such outstanding literature.

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